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24/7 Text Support

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We will use a text app to communicate 24/7*

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Once each month, we'll sit down together (on zoom) and set out your strategy for successful weight loss and change.

Weekly Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for busy people who just need more hours in the day! This gives you time just for you to unload and get help.

Unlimited Messaging

Once you receive your weekly reply or call write up, you have unlimited messaging to ensure you feel TOTALLY SUPPORTED for any questions.

Secure client account

No google sheets or clunky typeforms. We have a dedicated Next Level Nutrition app for you to log all your details, password protected.

Metric Tracking

See your changes over time. Be it in body weight, measurements or habit change.

See what our clients say.

Thousands of clients are glad they chose Next Level Nutrition Ltd

"Angela is an exceptionally professional nutritionist and clearly has not only a passion for the area but also a contagious enthusiasm for supporting people in developing better relationships with food and using a variety of techniques to use nutrition to help people meet their goals.

Her supportive approach combined with expert knowledge has helped me achieve changes to my body and overall health in just a few months that I never thought were possible - thank you for doing what you do (and doing it so well)!

-Dr Kelvin Revere, Next Level Nutrition Ltd client (2022)

"Wow, Angela has been amazing to work with 🤩 I wasn’t sure how much weight I wanted to lose as always a bit sceptical with diets. However this is not a diet, Angela has completely changed my mind set around food. I eat more health and more balanced meals each day. I still eat out and can have a drink.

Over the last 12 weeks I half lost nearly a stone, 12 cm off my waist and 5cm off my hips. I feel so much more confident and healthier as a result.

I would highly recommend Angela for any advice regarding Nutrition she is always on the end of a message if you’re stuck and you feel great at each week's video check in.

Thanks for all your help 🤩💪🏽

-Anna Wilson. Next Level Nutrition Ltd client (2022)

"From start to finish Angela has been so supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental that it has made the process much easier than I thought it would be.

The programme has really helped me to focus on my goals and make small changes each week that have brought me closer to achieving them. I have lost some body fat and inches along the way but just as importantly, I have gained a better understanding of where some of my less healthy habits come from, what triggers them and how to deal with them as they crop up.

Angela has been there to offer information and advice whenever I needed it along the way, and on those weeks when things haven't gone as well as I'd like, she has helped me to keep perspective and learn to move past any off days.

I would highly recommend Angela for anyone looking to take control of their health and build better habits. Her knowledge and empathetic approach have helped me to get my nutrition on track and to feel more confident that I know what I need to do in the future."

-Emma Bell-Scott. Next Level Nutrition Ltd client (2022)

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Creating the best meal plan for YOU, no 'off the shelf' generic plans here.

Creating a Weight Loss strategy, for LIFE.

Working on your habits, mindset and confidence to life your true best life.

Making eating out & socialising something to look forward to, nothing is ruined!

Building motivation to reach and achieve your goals.

Trusting in yourself and your choices, that they're right for you.

and SO more!

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